E Cheryl Fletcher MA CCC is a licensed speech pathologist in California.  She graduated from the University of Sheffield, England with a BA (hons) in English Language and Literature.  She was awarded a Rotary international Scholarship to the University of California Santa Barbara,  She holds a MA in German and Linguistics and a MA in Speech and Hearing Sciences.  Her Master’s Thesis addressed communication differences in children with autism.  She has co-authored a chapter with Dr. Adriana Schuler on Communication and Autism and a chapter in the book My Baby Can Dance.  She does presentations at the State and National level on communication and autism.  
RDI® presented itself at the end of a long journey.  Over the years of working with children with autism there was still a sense of failure in that although these children had been taught to talk they were still poor communicators.  RDI with its emphasis on the role of the family and the broadband nature of communication offered a solution to this problem.  In 2004 Cheryl became a certified RDI ® Program Consultant.  She now offers this program in California, Australia and Europe in addition to her other specializations.
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